8.1 Proposals for future conferences shall be evaluated by the Executive Council. A decision on the venue and the appointment of the Conference Chair will be made by the Executive Council. The President will inform the successful proposer and the appointed Conference Chair.

8.2 The Conference Chair shall have the following responsibilities:

a. The Conference Chair will submit a preliminary budget and plan of the meeting to the Executive Council at least one year prior to the event.
b. The Conference Chair shall formulate the Program and Organizing Committees and get the submissions reviewed.
c. The Conference Chair shall determine the registration fee.
d. The Conference Chair shall serve as Editor of the Proceedings of the Corporation conference for that year.
e. The Conference Chair will select the conference facility and make the necessary arrangements for the meeting and will be the signatory on the contract with the facility.

8.3 Exhibitors shall be permitted to exhibit at the Annual Conference provided they sign a contract with the Conference Chair relieving him/her and the Corporation of all liabilities, financial, legal, or other. The exhibitors shall pay the Corporation the registration fee determined by the Conference Chair for the privilege of exhibiting during the duration of the conference. 

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