History of ISOES

For close to 30 years, the International Society for Occupational Ergonomics and Safety (ISOES) has stood out as a unique society of professionals from a variety of disciplines who came together with a common interest in the pursuit of occupational health, safety, and productivity. While the founding members of our Society understood its basic objectives implicitly, the addition of newer generations of members is a time to reflect and re-emphasize the mission and vision for the society.

The mission of the society is stated to reflect “what we do” in the most fundamental manner. The vision of the society is intended to reflect “how we will be known” to our constituents and colleagues. The mission and vision statements have been crafted to reflect the society’s roots as well as a recognition that we occupy a very special niche in the world of occupational health researchers and practitioners.


To promote through research, education and sound professional practice of ergonomics and safety, the creation of safer, healthier and more productive working environments around the world.


To be the world’s leading forum for the exchange of ideas between practitioners and researchers in the design and analysis of safe human work systems.