Article II

The purpose for which the corporation is organized and shall be operated are exclusively charitable and educational. These purposes may be attained, without limiting the Corporation’s freedom to pursue these goals through other avenues, by the corporation:

  1. Organizing Annual International Occupational Ergonomics and Safety Conferences;
  2. Supporting publication of the Corporation’s Conference Proceedings;
  3. Supporting research and application projects, world wide, either in cooperation with other governments or private organizations or on its own initiative;
  4. Cooperating with other organizations operating in this field;
  5. Encouraging education in the field of occupational ergonomics and safety;
  6. Exchanging information with other individuals and organizations;
  7. Acting as an information source center in the field of occupational ergonomics and safety;
  8. Publishing newsletters or other materials to promote and enhance communication among members on matters of common interest and importance;
  9. Establishing research and application priorities in the field on the basis of current and future needs.

The Corporation shall carry out these purposes with the provision that the Corporation shall not have or exercise any power or authority not granted to it under the Arizona Non Profit Corporation Act, nor engage in any activities prohibited to an organization granted exempt status under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), or any successor law or regulation. 

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