XXVIIIth Annual International Occupational Ergonomics and Safety Conference

June 9-10, 2016

Chicago, Illinois, USA


Papers listed by Session

Session 01: Case Studies and Applications - I

Chair: Dennis Brickman

Research to Practice to Research (RtPtR): A Roadmap for Occupational Ergonomics and Safety Practitioners and Researchers
- Sang Choi and James Borchardt

A Design For ‘X’ Methodology Based On Modular Design Techniques
- Anoop Sreekumar, Anil Mital, and Anoop Desai

Automatic Sliding Door Sensor Safety Analysis
- Dennis B. Brickman, Julius M. Roberts, and Charles A. Fox

Shelving Cart Design And Manufacturing Safety Analysis
- Dennis B. Brickman, Gary J. Novak, Charles A. Fox, Jay K. Lueck, and Scott A. Karlins

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Session 02: Safety & Warnings

Chair: Raina Shah

Alcohol And Young Drivers : Subjective Tension, Alertness, And Performance
- Catherine Berthelon and Edith Galy

Subjective And Objective Workload : Different Impacts On Driving Performance Due To Situation Complexity And Experience
- Julie Paxion, Edith Galy, and Catherine Berthelon

Knowledge Of Automobile Warnings
- S. David Leonard and Gary Lautenschlager

Contextual Considerations For The Development And Assessment Of Product Warnings
- Raina J. Shah, Steven M. Hall, and Julia K. Diebol

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Session 03: Case Studies and Applications - II

Chair: Erick Knox

Beach Rental Elevator Child Entrapment Safety Analysis
- Dennis B. Brickman, Thomas J. Bajzek, Erick H. Knox, Charles A. Fox, Jay K. Lueck, and John M. Petersen

Analysis Of An Unexpected Impact To The Crown Of The Head
- Peggy Shibata, Amber Stern, Julius Roberts, and Jacob Stegeman

Loading Thresholds For Rotator Cuff Muscles
- Hossein Motabar, Esther Raub, Ashish D. Nimbarte, and Iman Nabiyouni

Construction Fall From Height Accident Reconstruction And Safety Analysis
- Erick H. Knox, Steven J. Smith, and Joseph T. Eganhouse

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Session 04: Other Topics in Ergonomics & Safety

Chair: Sang Choi

Sensitivity Analysis Of Artifact Removal And Sampling Period Strategies Upon Whole-Body Vibration Measurement
- George B. Page, Steve Fleming, and Greg G. Weames

Accident/Injury Analysis Of Workers’ Compensation Claims In The Oil And Gas Extraction Industry In Texas In 2010-2014
- Sheik N. Imrhan and Akinola S. Akinwumi

Comparisons Of Home Product Injuries In Three Time Periods From 1978-2014: NEISS Data
- Sheik N. Imrhan

Preliminary Findings On Stretch And Flex (SF) Program And Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders
- Sang D. Choi, Sathyanarayanan Rajendran, and Kwangseog Ahn

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Special Topics Presentation

Ergonomic Integration
- Peggy Ross

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Session 05: Occupational Ergonomics

Chair: Marc Bonacci

Effects Of Paint On Slip Resistance Of Concrete And Wood Surfaces
- Brian C. Grieser and Jared P. Frantz

Comparison Of Floor Surface Slip Test Results From The English XL And BOT-3000E Tribometers
- Brian C. Grieser and Jared P. Frantz

Sit-Stand Unit Integration: A Method Of Evaluation
- Alexander J. Mason and Laura A. Veldhuyzen

Multidisciplinary Therapy To Improve Posture, Treat And Prevent Pain And Injury
- Marc Bonacci and Brandy F. Ware

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Session 06: New and Expanding Areas of Application

Chair: Anoop Desai

Research Study And Analysis Of Ergonomic Design Of Conventional Wrench Handle
- Shengfeng Chen, Nagdev Amruthnath, and Tarun Gupta

Ensuring OSHA Compliance Through Proactive Self-Audit
- Anand Subramanian, Marc Christian, Brandy Ware, and Jeffrey Fernandez

Using Mobile Technology To Apply Ergonomics
- Murray Gibson

Environmental Impact Assessment For Sustainable Development Of The Oil And Gas Industry In Trinidad And Tobago
- Azell Francis, Anoop Desai, and Barry Balleck

Incorporating The Logistics Of Biofuel Production Into An Undergraduate Research Program: An Reu Experience
- Anoop Desai

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Session 07: Workplace Safety and Health

Chair: Richard Wyatt

Ergonomic Risk Factor Assessment And Mitigation For Employees At A University Gym
- Daniela Barragan, Samuel S. Monfort, Shane P. Kelly, and Marc Christian

An Epidemiological Study Of Low Back Pain Among Thai School Teachers In Nakhon Sawan Province
- Chuliporn Sopajareeya, Chompunut Sopajaree, Gabriel Ibarra-Mejia, and Sakonporn Sopajaree

Chronic Low Back Pain Among High School Teachers In The Central Region Of Thailand
- Chuliporn Sopajareeya, Sakonporn Sopajaree, Chompunut Sopajaree, and Gabriel Ibarra-Mejia

Ergonomic Risk Reduction And Labor Savings Involved With Manual Material Handling Reduction: A Case Study
- Richard Wyatt

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